Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Nine Months!

Today (Oct. 19th) our little pumpkin turned 9 months. Unbelieveable how babies put your life on fast forward. We touched down in Dallas for a quick couple days off before heading back out again. Olive has been full of surprises on the road! Who would have known that she has an uncanny gift for sleeping in very load droning moving vehicles? What can I say other than the Lord has given us a daughter that has no choice but to think busses, planes, cabs, and crowds of adoring Olive fans are common place among infants. I want to think that my child of course is far ahead for this accomplishment, but it is rather a very visual lesson to me that He gives us grace to live the life He has and all!

Olive's First Tour!

Olive's Favorite spot on the bus is standing up on the couch/bed and looking at all the cars passing by on the highway!

This might as well be called the "Olive Tour." It most certainly seems to her that we travel from city to city so that the crowds can gather around her!

Lov'in the moving bus bath on wheels!

Joining the generations of folks whose first food was Cheerios...

a day in the life...

Here are a few snippets from the road.