Monday, March 26, 2007


Time to get real with this pic! For fear of scaring away those who are viewing our blog site for the first time...remember this is a mommy blog!... And though I am no stranger to the world of infant flatulance (now 8 weeks in), this one is for the books. So as I stood here at my computer quickly getting sucked into the blogging world checking out others' sites-baby over the shoulder-mindlessly patting patting patting my little one, she lets out some not-so-subtle noises. No big deal. So I keep reading and patting until coming out of my transe, I look down to see that her onsie is now tie died orange and white. Wishing Target carried an orange line of clothes for 0-3 months....

Olive finds her thumb!

Thank goodness. No more running to the rescue to pop the passy back into her mouth every time she sleepily spits it out. She is laying on a "Doo Moo"...the newest take on a bean bag with straps that hold them on it.