Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas tree hunt

Can I just say a big YIPEE!!!! We went as a family to hunt down the perfect tree for Olive's first Christmas. For all of you rolling your eyes at a seemingly normal pre-Christmas activity, let me introduce you to Shane Everett. A closet Christmas lover, who for 5 years somehow convinced me that there wasn't a need to get a tree or any decorations! A born salesman, he can take your point of view and somehow convince you of the opposite point of view by the end of the conversation!!! Well, NOT THIS YEAR FOLKS. To any of you who are married to Mr. Scrooge, use your kids in your argument. They will be forever damaged to look back on holiday pictures with no Christmas tree. By the time we got it home and went for decorations, Shane was obsessing over the symmetry of the tree...making sure all of our bells, reindeer, and balls were perfectly placed! Woo Hoo! we even had classical Christmas music playing the entire time. Big break through. Big.