Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big smile

orange rocker

Not too happy about the picture taking...

the crib

Move over Olive, daddy's back! Olive took Shane's place in our room for the first several weeks. This week she started sleeping in her own bed!

Silly face

Big Girl!

I decided to start dressing Olive in something other than onsies...To my surprise the first couple pairs of jeans I put on her were too small already. This one was too tight on her belly, so we had to keep the the top button undone.

8 weeks

I love this picture. She looks so serious. So can someone help me figure this one out? Consider it a riddle:
Little girl is born on Friday 1/19/07. 8 weeks later the date is 3/16. So, I say she's 8 weeks, yet she's not 2 months according to the calendar. So when do you switch from weeks to months?

wide awake


First Outing

This was our (mine & Olive's) first time out of the house since she was born. We proudly walked her around the block.


crazy eyes

Shane works his magic

Week #2

I know it's a little cheesy, but we pulled out the birthday plate to celebrate week #2. Again,she sleeps:)

Week #1

We celebrated Olive's one week birthday with a piece of cake on her birthday plate. She was too sleepy to notice.

Introducing Miss Olive Lynn Everett

After a half hearted attempt at a my own myspace page, having our little girl inspired me to start this blog so we could share pics with family and friends. So we'll see how it goes. I can't believe Olive is already 9 weeks old. I'll start by uploading my favorite pics of her so far....