Thursday, November 1, 2007

:( BOO HOO for Halloween :(

It was her day to cry...alot...

Not even a scary witch! After this pic the witch played..."These are a few of my favorite things..." but Olive only stopped crying when we got away from her!


Olive's buddy Lydia's 1st Birthday! Happy 1 year Birthday Lydia!

NYC Show...My worlds unite as Olive got to meet my little Frenchies that I nannied for in Paris Oscar and Tristan!!!

Our newest friend, Ava Elizabeth Self @ about one month old...

Today in Jackson, TN my college roommate from Baylor, Julia, came to the show and brought her 8 mo. old Reyn.

Roadie Pics

Daddy showing Olive the ropes on her future career.

Our show in San Diego got canceled because of all the fires :( which made it possible for a trip to the San Diego Zoo! Awesome day.

A couple days later we got to go to Yosemite Park to see trees that have been alive for over 2,000 years!